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Event is March 16, 2024
8am -12noon

behind Newnan City Hall at
25 Lagrange Street

Electronics Recycling

Why recycle electronics? 

  1. It’s critical to keep electronic waste out of landfills.  The EPA has stated that e-waste is dangerous when improperly disposed of.  Electronic devices are comprised of toxic substances and heavy metals.  Materials such as chromium, cadmium, mercury and lead can leach into the soil contaminating the air and waterways.  EPA estimates there are about 60 million tons of e-waste per year globally.  Recycling this material will save landfill space.  For these reasons, there are numerous state laws that now ban e-waste in landfills.   

  2. Electronic products are comprised of valuable materials such as precious metals like gold, silver and platinum along with copper, aluminum, plastic and glass.  Through the recycling process, these materials can be reclaimed.  Most electronic devices are nearly 100 percent recyclable.

  3. Reclaiming valuable materials from the recycling process means there will be decreased demand for new raw materials.   This will help conserve important natural resources.  According to the EPA, one metric ton of circuit boards contains 800 times the amount of gold mined from one metric ton of ore. 

  4. Using recycled material will also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced when manufacturing or processing new product known as “virgin material.”  The more recycled material is available, the lower the demand for virgin material.  **this information can be found on

We partner with a processor who is R 2 certified and strives to be zero waste. With the exception of TV's and monitors, this event is free. Tv's are $30 each and Monitors are $20. We encourage you to call about the current pricing. Fees can be paid by credit card with a 4% fee or by cash or check.
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