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Recycling in the City of Newnan and Coweta County.

City of Newnan residents are serviced by Amwaste trash and have an all in one can system. Please contact the Sanitation Department at 770-253-6025 with any issues regarding your trash service. 


The following items can be put in your bin for curbside recycling:

  • Cardboard and Mixed paper

  • Aluminum Cans 

  • Plastic Jugs, Jars, and bottles

All items must be dry and free from food waste.

The following items can not be put in your curbside bin:

  • Electronics

  • Glass

  • House Hazardous Waste, such as lightbulbs or batteries

Please hold on to these items for the next recycling event or email us at to find a location near you where you can recycle these items. 

Glass can not go in your curbside bin. It can be recycled at the Coweta County Compactor sites.

You can find a list of locations and hours of operation here.

More information on where to recycle or properly dispose of Houseold Hazardous Waste. Click HERE

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