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 Recycling in the City of Newnan
and Coweta County

End Litter.

In an effort to support Keep Georgia's Beautiful #ReconsiderLitter campaign, Keep Newnan Beautiful is asking our community's support in ending litter. Litter is costly to clean up and not aesthetically pleasing for our landscape. Litter impacts our quality of life, destroying our state’s natural beauty, harming or killing wildlife, and diminishing water quality. It also hinders economic development—property values decrease in littered neighborhoods, whereas clean communities attract families and businesses.

By simply throwing away your waste and trash appropriately, you are helping your environment. If you'd like to help further, you can Adopt a Street in Newnan to help pick up trash on a quarterly (or more) basis. You can also volunteer once (or whenever available) to pick up trash on a specific street within Newnan.

For more information on ending litter, you can visit Keep Georgia Beautiful's website and join the #reconsiderlitter campaign.

Looking for ways to reduce the amount of trash your family creates?

The Small Footprint Family has some excellent ideas listed on their website. Click HERE to read all about it. 

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